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All our guests have access to wellness center. Here you can rest, swim in the pool, attend tonic water aerobics, restore energy at the sauna complex or ofuro bath.
And all for free!

Take a relaxing dip in Morrison Hotel’s glass-enclosed swimming pool, the perfect antidote to a busy day in the city
Relax in the enclosed swimming pool, which would be a perfect recreation after a busy day in town.
Лечебная база

Лечебная база

  • Минеральные ванны
  • Грязевые аппликации
  • Лечебные души
  • Массажи
  • Озокерито-парафиновые аппликации
  • Аппаратная физиотерапия
Лечебно-оздоровительная программа Premium Health

Лечебно-оздоровительная программа Premium Health

  • 3-разовое питание (завтрак, обед, ужин)
  • 10 видов лечебных ванн
  • Ультразвуковая терапия
  • Магнитотерапия
  • Лечебно-оздоровительные души (Ш’Арко, восходящий)
  • Спелеотерапия

Only healthy person can be free and happy.
That’s why Vita Park Akvadar’s Health center has a full scope of health improving, rehabilitating, tonic procedures: from honey massages and mud applications to radon and sea pearl baths.

Immerse into the world of complete relaxation, health, and pleasure.

Health Center services


  • Mud applications Mud applications improve the skin trophism, normalizing its condition. Mud treatment, therapeutic mud, treatment of oil glands and perspiratory glands, stimulating of hair growth. Great sorption capacity and complex phase composition make mud an efficient exfoliating and cleansing tool. High thermal capacity together with plastic properties and adhesive ability ensure soft and continuous heating influence. 130.00 UAH
  • Sea pearl bath Stimulates a process of blood circulation, normalizing the arterial pressure. In addition, the procedure neutralizes back pains or any rheumatism symptoms, relieving muscle stress. Aside of improving the blood circulation, sea pearl baths improve lymph deflux, and dispersion of residual effects of inflammation processes. Influencing the body, air bubbles oxynate the skin and provide relaxing and vitalizing effects, improving the mood as well. 120.00 UAH
  • Shiatsu head massage Japanese shiatsu massage is rightfully considered one of the most efficient in balancing the struggle of different forces in the human organism, bringing their harmony. Shiatsu stimulates defensive energy of the body, increasing the life tonus, endurance, mental balance etc. 240.00 UAH
  • Complete honey massage Honey massage is primarily influencing the skin cover and surface subdermal structures. Manual actions of the masseur on the skin leads to increasing of blood circulation, tissue trophism, acceleration of black blood and lymphatic fluid deflux. Massage also initiates the start of reflex processes using spinal cord centers, potentiating the local effect and improving the inner organs activity. 260.00 UAH