Childhood – when everything is amazing and nothing bemuses

Vita Park Akvadar resort has a play room, or more specifically, a mini town for children with its charm, heroes and a special atmosphere.

A place where childish laugh and smiles are always welcome. A place, where your kid will be merrily sculpturing, painting, playing, watching good cartoons, together with a caring educator Liliya Anatolievna (yes, we love her that much to mention on our website.)

Things of interest for your children:

Creative lessons of sculpturing and painting;

Exciting workshops;

Educational table games;

Children’s library;


Professional animators;

Big plasma TV to watch favorite cartoons.


Wed., Thurs., Sun.: 8:30–16:00
Fri., Sat.: 10:30–19:00
Mon., Tues. – выходной

P.S. Children under the age of 3 shall stay in the play room only together with their parents.