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Reikartz Aquadar returns

It’s time to implement a dream escape away from the city!

Respirable clean forest air, hear birds singing, enjoy the time spent with the most expensive.
We are your special space, separate from the noisy world.

Returned to make this spring truly special.

Relax with us for your health! We have switched to safer mode.

Here you will find answers to your questions:

During quarantine and restrictions, the complex works with additional security measures:

  • everyone should wear a mask
  • complex meals will be delivered to the room
  • pool, saunas, gym in SPA do not function
  • restaurant Chalet does not work
  • animation activities are not carried out

Precautions to prevent and prevent viral diseases:*

  • closed territory without access by outsiders
  • daily monitoring of the health status of employees of the complex
  • the ban on the settlement of guests with signs of illness and guests who arrived for observation during quarantine
  • daily processing of rooms with disinfectants, processing of door handles, remotes, bathrooms
  • treatment of public areas, premises and SPA rooms with disinfectants
  • meals delivered to your room
  • the presence of antiseptics in the public areas (restaurants, SPA, reception)
  • a doctor works in the territory from 8:30 to 15:00 (call if necessary)
    *Other restrictions and additional measures are possible depending on the recommendations, requirements adopted in Ukraine.

We do not lose our vigilance and remember that the forest is not only freshness, but also the strengthening of immunity.


Обращайтесь к нам по телефону или электронной почте:
Phone: +38 (097) 753 2000
Email: aquadar@reikartz.com
Лицензия МОЗ Украины серия АГ №598558 от 19.04.2012 г.