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Healing and relaxation

Summer Pool and Bar

Open gallery

There are two swimming pools on the territory of the suburban SPA complex Aquadar.

At any time of the year and in any weather conditions, our guests can use the indoor pool located in the SPA complex. The water temperature is always comfortable here, so both children and adults like this kind of leisure.

The second pool is located in an open area – a lot of fresh air and vitamin D is provided to everyone who decides to relax by the pool. A comfortable pastime is provided by the presence of sun loungers and umbrellas, as well as a bar with drinks and food.

The outdoor pool “Summer Pool and Bar” area is an ideal place to enjoy the fresh air, sun and cool water. The bar is open from 15.05-15.09

More about the outdoor pool:

  • the size of the pool is 10×20 meters;
  • the pool is heated, so the water temperature is always comfortable – 21 degrees (depending on the temperature during the day);
  • the depth of the pool is 1.4 m;
  • comfortable access to the pool with a wide step for children to stay in the water;
  • The seating area is equipped with sun loungers and parasols.

Swimming pools are included in the price and are available in unlimited quantities.

Health and longevity
Cosmetology and SPA

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Wellness procedures

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Massage studio

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SPA Week package

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Summer Pool and Bar

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We offer

Conference service

Conference service from Aquadar is the organization of business events with a full package of services. By ordering a MICE tour with us, you do not have to worry about developing a plan for a business and cultural program, booking a transfer and a hotel. You get an individual approach to the event and a personal conference manager. We will take over the organization and provide the best modern conditions. Reikartz Aquadar offers a large hall (151 sq. M) for ...
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Restaurant on site

“a-la Carte Chalet” restaurant on the basis of the Aquadar hotel and restaurant complex is designed for gastronomic pleasures. At the same time, to saturate not only with a tasty and healthy menu, but also with pleasant impressions, wholesome pine air, the beauty of nature, and a cozy, colorful interior. We invite you to spend time in the hall of the Chalet restaurant, which is famous for its cozy atmosphere, stylish design, and incredibly delicious food. The menu features a ...
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Organization of excursions

Cherkasy region is incredibly rich insights. Уou can visit the arboretum “Sofiyivka”, the area of ​​which is 180 hectares – more than a thousand species of plants, many of which are unique. Another amazing place is the Buk Canyon, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature in its original form: rocks, small river, rapids. Those who love to ride horses or have long dreamed of mastering this skill will surely like an excursion to the Zhashkovsky stud farm. The ...
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We offer

Revitalizing detox tour

It is possible to restore well-being, adjust metabolism, improve body condition, add energy and lightness to your body with the new program from Reikartz Aquadar

The word “detox” means detoxification of the body, that is, its purification. This is a certain diet, by eliminating harmful foods and adding foods that contribute to the detoxification process, as well as exercise, SPA procedures, healthy sleep, relaxation and minimizing factors contributing to body pollution and stress.

Our program is a complex detox course that includes several areas:
– proper nutrition (meals, individually prepared according to the correct technologies and from healthy products);
– fortified drinks of natural origin, including detox cocktails (drinks made from natural ingredients that help get rid of toxins and harmful substances)
– SPA treatments and physical activities that ideally complement the complex to achieve a cleansing effect and improve the quality of life

The package offer (for a period of 3 days / 2 nights) includes the following procedures:
– sessions in the SPA capsule – 2 procedures
– mud applications – 3 procedures
– pressotherapy – 3 procedures
– hydromassage – 1 procedure

Sessions in a SPA capsule: thanks to the effect of the sauna, the pores of the skin open and cleanse, detox the whole body is carried out, and the metabolism improves. In addition, the SPA capsule relieves stress, fatigue, insomnia.

Mud applications: when using mud applications, the body begins to remove a large amount of toxins through sweat glands and lungs, muscle spasms are relieved. The antioxidant properties of the body are activated, which prevent the development of malignant neoplasms, and also contribute to the production of young cells

Pressotherapy: hardware lymphatic drainage massage restores the drainage function of the lymphatic system, stimulates blood circulation, metabolism, and detoxifies the body during the procedure

Hydromassage: detoxification, elimination of toxins, improvement of skin elasticity, effective work with cellulite, calms the nervous system, improves mood and sleep

All of the above procedures contribute to a greater saturation of body tissues with oxygen and nutrients. Edema disappears, metabolic processes are optimized, blood flow is cleared, weight is reduced, and the body is rejuvenated.

Physical activity during the Detox Weekend is represented by group sessions with a fitness trainer (3 times a day) and the possibility of individual training.
Exercise, through the burning of calories and active sweating, contributes to the detoxification process. Sports loads also speed up metabolism, which is important directly during detox cleansing.

Coming with this offer, you will receive a consultation from a cosmetologist and a physiotherapist, with possible supervision and support during the detox tour.

Prices are valid until 18.10.2021 from 23.12.2021 seasonal
change the cost of the package.

Room category Accommodation Weekdays, UAH Weekends, UAH
Classic Double Single 5390 5720
Double 7750 8100
Standard Double Single 5630 5980
Double 7990 8380
Standard Twin Single 5630 5980
Double 7990 8380
Superior Twin Single 6600 7050
Double 8960 9430
APPARTMENT Single 13380 14510
Double 16460 17680
3-bed 19550 20870
4-bed 24090 25650
Grand Classic twin Single 6310 6730
Double 8810 9280
Grand Standard Twin Single 6560 7020
Double 9070 9550
Grand Superior Twin Single 7710 8270
Double 10210 10810
Family Suite Single 9880 10650
Double 12250 13050
3-bed 15010 15870
4-bed 17890 18830

The cost of living including 3 meals a day. Breakfast – buffet, lunch / dinner – restaurant, Detox menu. Phytobar drinks are included
Additional place with SPA procedures according to the Detox package – 1660 UAH / day

A visit to the pool in the SPA center is recommended by appointment.
During the quarantine period, restrictions apply: once a day, 60 minutes per room.
The number of Guests in the pool is up to 15 people.

!! it is possible to extend the stay for any number of days. The cost calculation is individual

* The price includes VAT. Tour fee is paid separately.
** Actual prices may differ from those listed in the price depending on seasonality.
*** Services are provided during the quarantine period in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health.

License of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine series AG № 598558 dated 19.04.2012

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SPA Week package

The body requires a reboot, but for a long vacation there is no time? Take a dip in the world of relaxation in Reikartz Aquadar! The new specially designed seven-day SPA Week program is a short vacation, an opportunity to give yourself days of enjoyment in the atmosphere of SPA.

A complex of perfectly selected procedures aimed at getting rid of fatigue and stress. Classical massage techniques, mineral baths and other spa treatments will give you a sense of harmony and lightness, as well as return energy to your thoughts and body.

Package offer includes:

  • -10% discount on accommodation (additional -5% from 7 nights accommodation)
  • 3 meals a day on the buffet (or breakfast only)
  • -10% discount on all additional SPA services

Expert advice:

  • Consultation and support of a beautician during the stay
  • Consultation and consultation of a doctor during the stay
  • Diagnosis of an osteopath

SPA procedures***:

  • Visits to the pool, sauna complex (Finnish, Pontian, infrared) and Ofuro barrels
  • Classic massage — 5 sessions
  • Mineral bath (bishofit-pearl, pearl-sea, aroma,salt) — 3 treatments
  • Press therapy/hydromassage/soul Charcot (optional) — 3 treatments
  • Body scrub (honey-salt/coffee/sea salt) — 1 procedure
  • Body wrap to choose from (honey/mineral clay/mineral mud) — 1 procedure
  • Body scrub: honey-salt / coffee / sea salt (optional) – 1 procedure
  • Body wrap: honey / mineral clay / mineral mud (optional) – 1 procedure

Active leisure:

  • Bicycle hire (1 hour/day) — in the warm season
  • Pool billiards rental (1 hour/day)
  • Unlimited gym visits


  • Oxygen cocktail (1/day)
  • Phytochai (1/day)

The minimum period of stay under the program is 7 days/6 nights!

Additional services:

Wellness services  Download PDF

Additional services of the health center  Download PDF

Cosmetology and SPA  Download PDF

Sign up for 4 or more procedures at once and get a discount on the total check in the amount of -15% **

A visit to the pool in the SPA center is recommended by appointment.
During the quarantine period, restrictions apply: once a day, 60 minutes per room.
The number of Guests in the pool is up to 15 people.

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Premium Health Package

The Premium Health Wellness Program just got better!

You can not only relax comfortably, but also undergo a course of medical and recreational procedures, individually selected in accordance with your state of health and wishes.

Reikartz Akvadar will work perfectly for you.

Premium Health Program includes:
  • Accommodation of your choice with a 10% discount (included in the tariff). Additional -5% off 7 nights accommodation;
  • Health procedure;
  • Meals based on breakfast or 3 meals a day***
The health improvement program is aimed at addressing:
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, gout, sequelae of fractures, ankylosing spondylitis);
  • Respiratory diseases of nontuberculous origin(chronic bronchitis, asthma, post-pneumonia);
  • Disorders of the peripheral nervous system >(radiculitis, neuritis, neurosis, neurasthenia, neurocirculatory asthenia).
The healing procedures included in the cost of the program for standing 7 days/6 nights ащк 1 person in package*:
  • Ozocerite-paraffin or mud wrap – up to 5 procedures;***
  • Spa capsule “Alpha Led Oxy Spa” *** – up to 3 procedures;
  • Therapeutic bath for choice (turpentine/iodine-bromid /rejuvenating aromatic/bishofit-pearl/”sea”) – up to 5 procedures***
  • Hardware physiotherapy – up to 14 procedures;;
  • The doctor’s consultations during the entire stay in the hotel;
  • Scheduled group sessions with a certified fitness trainer;
  • Group water aerobics classes on a schedule;
  • Access to the swimming pool****
  • A visit to the sauna complex: Finnish, Pontic, infrared ****
  • Access to the gym***
  • Visit to the complex of saunas (pontic / finnish / infrared)***
  • Visit to the Japanese barrel Ofuro***
  • Smoothie or fresh – 7 drinks – 1 for choice, 1 time per day***
  • Oxygen cocktails  – 7 drinks, 1 time per day***
  • Herbal tea – 7 drinks, 1 time per day;
  • 10 % discount on additional spa services.
    AS A GIFT: 1 classic massage/facial massage 30 min to choose from.
    * The NUMBER and TYPE of necessary procedures are determined by the doctor in first consultation to ensure maximum effect. Procedures that are not included in the healthy program vouchers, you can get for an extra charge
NOTE: Minimum stay 7 days/6 nights for Health and Wellness package!
A visit to the pool in the SPA center is recommended by appointment.
During the quarantine period, restrictions apply: once a day, 60 minutes per room.
The number of Guests in the pool is up to 15 people.
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Massage studio

With the help of different types of massage, we have a beneficial effect on the body and help to relax, relieve tension in the body and get maximum relaxation.
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Our advantages
Why choose us
Gym in the complex

Spacious hall with exercise machines and sports equipment

Restaurant a-la carte Chalet

Offers traditional European cuisine

Three meals a day

The price includes a buffet: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Guarded parking

Private parking on the territory of the complex

Children's club

Playgrounds, workshops, board games, Sony PlayStation


Health trail for hiking

Show programs weekly

Fire-show, Comedy, Life music