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Beautiful places near Kiev

To have a good time, it is not necessary to take a vacation and fly abroad. In Ukraine, there are also enough places where you can take a break from your usual habitat, change the environment, enjoy the beauty of nature, and also participate in various events. If you are wondering where you can have a fun weekend not far from Kiev, this article is just for you.

Park “Kyivska Rus”

In the Kiev region there is a complex for tourists “Kievskaya Rus”. This park has no analogues both on the territory of our country and on the territory of other states. The village of Kopachov, near which the park is located, is located just an hour’s drive from our capital. This place will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the times of Kievan Rus.

The tourist complex is located on twenty hectares of land. It cannot be called an ordinary museum, because it is a whole city that lives like in the Middle Ages. The characteristic architecture of that time, entourage inhabitants, atmospheric entertainment, dishes of that time that are cooked on a fire – all this awaits you in Kievan Rus. Getting there, it seems to you that you have been transported in time, because every little thing proves to you that you are not in the 21st century.

The tourist complex was created on the basis of historical information and chronicles. Here you will be shown the life, culture, architecture of Kievan Rus. And the real highlight of the city is the collection of thoroughbred horses that anyone can interact with.

Uman, Sofievsky park

One day in the 18th century, Count Potocki decided to give his beloved woman a romantic gift. And he gave her a park, which he named in her honor – in honor of Sofia. The architect Ludwig Metzel participated in the creation of the park, who turned the rocky desert spaces with ravines into a wonderful place for walking.

In Soviet times, an institute was created on the territory of the park, which is specialized in the study of plants. So more than three thousand different plants appeared in the park. Sofiyivka received the status of a national dendrological park.

Sofiyivka will delight everyone, even a person who already has the luggage of the countries he has visited. After all, there are reservoirs that are interconnected by waterfalls, cascades, small rivers. The largest pond in the park covers eight hectares.

Everyone can take a walk in the park, enjoy the sculptures of ancient Greek thinkers, marble statues of gods, caves built from the stone of the reserve, as well as the extraordinary vegetation that is located between the reservoirs and fountains. By boat, you can even get into the narrow tunnels stretched out in the dungeon of the park, where the Azeron River flows.

Buk Canyon

Buk Canyon is considered one of the wonders of Ukraine. It is located in the village of Buki, located in the Cherkasy region. The Buk canyon is formed by the banks of the river flowing here (Gorny Tikich). The length of the rocky creation of nature is about five kilometers. The canyon is both narrow and deep. Its maximum width does not exceed forty meters, and its depth is twenty.

It is interesting here both to look at the magnificent views that open from the canyon, and to go down closer to the water, looking at the rocky hill from below. At the beginning of the way along the canyon, each tourist is met by a two-meter Vyr waterfall, the noise from which creates an incredible atmosphere around. A water mill was once built near Vyra. But, unfortunately, today you can see only the surviving fragments of the building. In addition to the mill, you can also see the remains of a hydroelectric power plant, which was the very first hydroelectric power plant in Ukraine. This place is especially attractive for photographers and models, as it takes photos with an incredible atmosphere. Buk Canyon is also one of the most favorite places for rock climbers. Point from the collection – Rodionov rock.

Ethnographic complex “Ukrainian village”

Kievans, as well as other residents of Ukrainian cities, can spend their weekends in the ethnographic complex “Ukrainian Village”. It is located just fifteen kilometers from the capital, in the village of Buzovaya. It is very difficult to name this place with just one word. This is a kind of museum, and a temple, and a restaurant, and a place with barbecue areas, and a hotel, and a park, and even a zoo.

The history of the complex begins with a wooden church, which was built in 2007. Further, the creators of this church decided to surround the territory adjacent to it with a small open-air museum. So on the territory of the complex you can find six “huts” of different types, which were carefully delivered from Polissya, the Carpathians, the Dnieper region, the Novoaydarsky district, Podolia, the Poltava region. The oldest “hatinka” is 191 years old. These houses fully convey the atmospheric spirit of nineteenth century Ukraine.

After enjoying the Ukrainian atmosphere of the complex, guests can have a picnic in the barbecue area, or go to a restaurant serving Ukrainian national cuisine. You can order food from the restaurant in a separate pavilion. And for the smallest visitors of the Ukrainian Village, a mini zoo will be a real surprise, in which piglets, sheep, nutria, rabbits, cockerels and chickens live. On the lake, located nearby, ducks live, who are accustomed to generous tourists. And to please your family and friends, you can make a souvenir for them with your own hands. To do this, the complex hosts constant various master classes.

Arboretum “Alexandria”

In Bila Tserkva there is a dendrological park called “Alexandria”. Its construction began in the 18th century by Count Xavier Branicki. He named this park in honor of his beloved wife Alexandra.

This place is created for relaxation and interesting walks that captivate for the whole day. The total length of all paths and alleys exceeds 20 kilometers. On the territory of the park you will find many places that are not found anywhere else either in Ukraine or in Europe. For example, in Alexandria there is a glade with an area of ​​about ten hectares, on which more than 170 species of plants grow.

The entire park is dotted with ponds that cascade into the Ros River. In total, the water part of the park covers an area of ​​more than 21 hectares. You can also see here the only intact building that has been perfectly preserved from the eighteenth century – this is the house in which the head gardener lived, who worked on the improvement of Alexandria for more than fifty years.

As entertainment, you can choose a horseback ride in the park, a boat ride on the Ros River, as well as arrange a ride on bicycles and scooters.

Park “Volodarka”

Tourists come to the Volodarka Park, which is located above the Ros River, to enjoy the cherry blossoms. In addition to this exhibit, there are more than 3,500 thousand different plants in the park. Catching cherry blossoms is extremely difficult. After all, this process happens quite quickly. Flowering time depends on weather conditions. Therefore, it is almost impossible to guess a specific date.

There are many installations in Volodarka, among which you can take atmospheric photographs. The highlight of this place is a waterfall, as well as a gazebo with a pagoda, which can be seen from absolutely any part of the park.

Volodarka was founded in 2019. Its founder and owner is Nikolai Kaplun. He put a lot of effort and finances to make the park a real miracle of the area.

Ecological complex “Valley of ostriches”

In the small town of Yasnogorodka there is an ecological complex “Valley of Ostrich”. Its area is about eighteen hectares. In total, there are more than two hundred birds in it, which live there in comfortable conditions under the supervision of specialists. All entertainment in this park is aimed at the interaction of people with ostriches. Here you can feed the ostriches, stroke them, learn a lot of interesting information, and the smallest guests of the valley can even ride a bird.

In addition to ostriches, there is a small petting zoo in the valley where you can enjoy communicating with rabbits, pigs and even a camel. In addition, there is an opportunity to ride velomobiles, shoot archery and jump on trampolines.

Shevchenko Taras Manor-Museum

The family house, where the then-unknown Taras Shevchenko was born in 1815, was reconstructed and a museum was created on its basis. The estate was recreated according to the description and a few drawings of Kobzar. This place is unique in that it gives a clear idea of the writer’s home, as well as what influenced the formation of his personality.

Ecologically clean resort Aquadar

To improve your body and unload your head, it is not necessary to travel far from Kiev. Indeed, in the Cherkassy forestry there is an ecologically clean resort Aquadar. Here you will find a combination of pure nature and high-level service.

Adults in Aquadar can enjoy various spa services, delicious food from the restaurant of the complex, relaxation by the pool, sauna, entertainment program, cycling. You can also order excursions to the Buk Canyon, the Sofiyivka Arboretum, the Zhashkovsky Stud Farm and other interesting places that are not far from Aquadar. A fun animation program, various games and competitions await the youngest visitors to the resort.


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