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Where to go to rest in Ukraine in 2022?

The most favorite time of the year for every traveler is summer. This is quite natural, since we are provided with ample opportunities in the process of choosing places for rest and vacation. Places to stay with amazing nature

  1. You can go to Khortitsa, in the very center of the life of the Cossacks. There is a museum with wonderful national exhibits, the Zaporizhzhya Sich, a beautiful equestrian theater and the famous T. Shevchenko trail. You will definitely spend your leisure time interestingly and relax from the bustle of the city, not all sights can be visited in one day, so in this case a more weekend is suitable.
  2. Sorochinskaya Fair in Poltava is undoubtedly a lot of entertainment and impressions, and it lasts more than one day, you can go with your family for an active pastime.
  3. Reserves, for example, Askania Nova or Koncha-Zaspa, are suitable for people who prefer peace and tranquility, away from the bustle of the city.
  4. Biryuchiy Island is a beautiful spit in the Sea of ​​Azov, on which the Azov-Sivash National Natural Park is located. Walking along the coast, here you can feel all the delights of the endless sea, watch beautiful sunsets, meet red deer and other rare animals. But such a vacation, rather, will be ideal in the summer.

Cherkasy region is a great place for a family vacation

This area is famous for its beautiful nature and unique architecture. You can come here for a good rest, and you can choose options for a weekend or more.

An excellent recreation option would be the Aquadar complex – an environmentally friendly resort located in the village. Mankovka. This complex ideally combines: mineral water, forest air, natural ecosystem, scenic spots and landscapes. Aquadar offers modern rooms for its guests, there is an animation program for children and adults, a SPA complex with more than 70 procedures. Here you can take advantage of the wellness and detox programs. The complex has a gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pool and much more.

Aquadar is the best holiday complex with the whole family!

Tips before vacation

  • Think about your vacation so that it will be interesting for the whole family, and not just for you.
  • Do not put off important things until the last moment.
  • Do not forget to take money with you in case of an unforeseen situation (as practice has shown, such cases occur quite often).
  • Make a plan of where you want to go during your vacation, what sights to visit, read the recommendations and reviews of other travelers.
  • Check right away if the phone is working properly, if there is money on it, if the car is ready for a trip, if you are going to drive it.
  • Don’t rely only on bank cards, withdraw some cash, especially if part of the journey involves the countryside.

Be aware that when quarantined, certain routes may be closed or changed. Check the current position of the roads before leaving so that you do not have to go back later. And do not forget to be careful on the roads. Have a nice rest!


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