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Spa at the Aquadar hotel is a great pastime

Do you regularly face rather difficult, boring everyday life? Routine is what kills all the desire to work, attunes only to negative thoughts. Therefore, one of the best solutions is to relax in the Spa at the Aquadar hotel. This is an ecologically clean resort located in the Cherkasy region (town of Mankovka). There is a unique combination here: healthy crystal clear air, natural ecosystem, mineral water. All this is located in an attractive and picturesque corner on the territory of Ukraine. Allow yourself a restful sleep and a pleasant feeling of unity with nature.

There are more than 120 rooms in Aquadar, a professional animation program for adults and children is offered, for toddlers – a children’s room. The SPA complex includes more than 70 procedures. You can also enjoy swimming in indoor and outdoor pools, group classes and workouts in the gym, outdoor areas and stadiums, for lovers of walking and jogging, terencourt will certainly be interesting. An ideal country spa resort with a hotel is an excellent solution for a quiet holiday.

What is offered in the SPA center?

Aquadar allows the optimal choice of leisure activities: sports rest, relaxation around the pool, enjoyment on a massage couch, skin care, peeling, mineral baths, hardware physiotherapy, sessions in a SPA capsule, wellness procedures, and this is just the beginning of the list of procedures that Aquadar provides. The room rate includes:

  • three meals a day according to the “Buffet” system or on the basis of breakfasts and the à la carte Chalet restaurant, of your choice;
  • a wide range of services in the SPA salon. Be sure to visit the sauna, swimming pools, Ofuro barrel, supplement your rest with massages, beauty treatments, etc .;
  • visiting sports areas. In this case, we also mean a gym, a walking path for jogging and walking, outdoor sports grounds and a large heated outdoor pool and table tennis, bicycles, badminton, trampolines. The range of services is so wide that everyone can choose entertainment to their liking, based on personal requirements and wishes.

Where is the SPA center located?

An environmentally friendly resort is located in the forestry in the Cherkasy region (town of Mankovka). This country SPA complex is perfect for relaxation at any time of the year. In Aquadar, you can very comfortably relax with children; a large number of animation programs are offered for them. Not only parents, but also children will be delighted with the rest here. For children they offer:

  • animation programs;
  • cycling;
  • children’s fitness, sports tournaments;
  • art as well as culinary master classes;
  • watching movies and tabletop championships;
  • discos and karaoke for children.
  • quests and creative workshops

Every child will be satisfied with the rest on the territory of the complex.

What software packages are offered in the SPA complex?

The most popular SPA programs include the following:

  • SPA Week;
  • Premium Health;
  • Detox weekend.

SPA Week program

It is ideal when the body needs a quick reboot and there is not enough time for a long vacation. A specially designed seven-day program – a short vacation that will give you days of “high”, relaxation and enjoyment in the spa.

The weekly program includes a whole set of selected procedures aimed at eliminating fatigue and stress.

  1. Pool, saunas and Ofuro barrel.
  2. 5 massage sessions (classic).
  3. 3 mineral baths at the discretion of the client.
  4. 3 pressotherapy treatments / Alpha Led Oxy Spa capsules.
  5. Up to 7 visits to the physiotherapy room.
  6. 1 scrubbing procedure of your choice.
  7. 1 wrap at the discretion of the client

In addition, buying a package, you will be able to get a 10% discount on accommodation (an additional 5% starting from the 7th night of accommodation), you will be provided with three meals a day and 10% discount on other SPA services that you want to receive additionally. the program includes professional advice:

  • accompaniment of the beautician during the stay;
  • diagnostics of an osteopath;
  • accompanying a doctor when staying at the hotel.

If you have any difficulties, you can always consult with the specialists who work in the SPA center.

Also, this package offers unlimited use of the gym and the ability to attend scheduled group fitness and aqua aerobics classes. In warm weather, 1 hour of billiards rental and 1 hour of bicycle rental per day are provided. 1 herbal tea and 1 oxygen cocktail per day were added as gifts.

Premium Health Package

It is also a cost effective solution and offers a wide range of services. Buying this package, you will be able to relax comfortably, undergo a course of medical and health-improving procedures, individually selected in accordance with all your wishes and state of health. Aquadar is the best place for relaxation for the whole family. By purchasing the Premium Health package, you are guaranteed:

  • accommodation in a room of a certain category with a 10% discount (from the second week + 5% discount);
  • wellness procedures;
  • three meals a day according to the popular “buffet” system.

The offer includes the following procedures:

  1. up to 5 visits to ozokerite-paraffin or mud wrap;
  2. up to 3 visits to the SPA capsule;
  3. up to 5 medicinal baths;
  4. up to 14 visits to the hardware physiotherapy room;
  5. physician support for the entire period of therapy;
  6. water aerobics;
  7. swimming pool;
  8. saunas;
  9. 7 glasses of smoothies or fresh juices, oxygen cocktails and herbal tea, 1 glass per day.

In addition, the client receives 1 massage, classic or for the face, lasting half an hour.

Happy birthday

It also offers a unique birthday program. Celebrate your birthday with Aquador. Celebrating your birthday in Aquadar, you can get a whole range of services.

  1. During the day there is an entertainment program for children and adults, and for toddlers there is a children’s room. You can relax in the pools, 3 saunas, Ofuro barrel, spend the day in the spa with a full body wrap and a variety of masks.
  2. In the evening you can take part in a champagne party.

Meals are provided according to the Buffet system or on the basis of the Chalet restaurant. Buy a ticket to a SPA resort not only for yourself, but also for friends, relatives, and your significant other. On this day, you will receive a 15% discount on all SPA services, as well as 15% on the menu in the restaurant.

Detox weekend

This package will help restore general well-being, adjust metabolism, improve the condition of the body and body, add energy and lightness. Detox is a thorough detoxification of the body, respectively, the removal of toxins. In this case, we mean a certain diet, due to the complete exclusion of harmful foods and dishes, exercise, healthy sleep, relaxation and minimization of factors that can bring the body into a stressful state.

Such a detox program includes the following areas:

  • correct selection of dishes and meals;
  • fortified drinks from natural ingredients;
  • SPA procedures, physical exercises, which ideally complement the complex to achieve the desired cleaning effect and increase the quality of life.

Sessions in a special SPA capsule, mud applications, hydromassage, pressotherapy await you.

Aquadar is one of the best vacation solutions

Countryside complex with an ideal price-quality ratio. Here you will find modern interiors of rooms, guaranteed first-class service, a wide range of leisure options. Everything you need for those who lead a healthy lifestyle is here: a gym, table tennis, bicycles, swimming pools, saunas, billiards. Call us, we will be happy to offer you the best option


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