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How modeling facial massage works and its relevance

One of the actual massage techniques, which deserves special attention, is called “modeling”. Unlike a variety of procedures, injections and even operations, any girl can achieve significant changes in her appearance without much intervention in her body. All the subtlety in the technique being carried out. The masseur in the process of soft and unobtrusive action promotes the outflow of stagnant lymph and improves blood circulation. As a result, it is possible to eliminate some defects in appearance, give the skin elasticity, get rid of wrinkles and give clarity to the oval of the face. This approach allows you to transform not only the face, but also any other part of the body.

Additionally, in the process of modeling massage, the mimic muscles are affected to eliminate clamps. Several visits to a masseur are enough to get a noticeable effect – smoothing a double chin, toning the skin and more.

What are the indications for a modeling facial massage?

The direct purpose of modeling massage is the fight against age-related changes. Therefore, such a procedure is relevant for girls who are going to fight both the first wrinkles and in the future. The modeling massage itself is carried out in the form of a mechanical effect on the skin and muscles to smooth, eliminate edema, increase blood circulation, and increase overall tone. Any impact is along the massage lines – tapping, vibration, stroking. Depending on the request itself, the intensity of the impact is selected.

In the event of one or more problems, you can seek advice:

  • wrinkles;
  • loss of elasticity of the skin and muscles (ptosis);
  • swelling;
  • blew and any other age-related changes in the face

The effectiveness of modeling massage is possible by increasing muscle tone, as well as increasing blood circulation. Indirectly, tissue trophism improves and lymph stagnation is eliminated. The massage itself is completely relaxing, no discomfort is felt during the process.

Even with high efficiency, there are several contraindications that you should pay attention to before making an appointment with a beautician. These include:

  • the use of certain drugs, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, or anticoagulants;
  • fever transferred in a recent anamnesis;
  • oncology;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • period of pregnancy and lactation.

If you are in doubt about whether you are allowed to have a massage, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor and beautician.

What are the techniques of modeling massage?

Depending on the direction of the cosmetologist’s work, one of the following techniques can be used:

  • Spanish massage is aimed at improving the structure of subcutaneous fat and stimulating the circulatory system. This helps to smooth out the unevenness of the relief and improve the overall tone of the face. It is carried out with the help of massage oil. The technique is mainly aimed at eliminating muscle clamps and lymph congestion;
  • French massage – aimed at a significant increase in skin elasticity, as well as the breakdown of fat under the skin, giving a tightened look to the skin;
  • European – after completing the course, it is possible to achieve a pronounced rejuvenating effect

Separately, there are also such techniques as:

  • stone – from the English “stone”, cold and hot stones are used in the process, basalt and marble are especially popular;
  • vacuum – small silicone or glass cones are used to eliminate edema and improve blood flow;
  • honey – the use of natural honey contributes to warming and antiseptic properties. Additionally, it is rich in various vitamins and minerals, providing a powerful rejuvenating effect. The key requirement is the absence of an allergy to honey;
  • cooling – in the process, cold is applied to certain areas, the ability to break down fats and tone the skin

Regardless of which type of massage is chosen, you can count on a procedure full of relaxation and enjoyment.

Most often, the procedure includes several stages. The first is skin preparation, in which the face is stroked, thereby saturating the skin and blood vessels with oxygen. Then a tool is applied to the face, which will give special properties to the procedure. It can be honey, serum, cream, lotion – these and many other substances contribute to a uniform and smooth glide. By rubbing the substance into the skin, it is possible not only to warm it up, but also to accelerate absorption. This is followed by kneading the skin, which has a deep effect on the subcutaneous fat and muscles. To consolidate the effect obtained, it is recommended to carefully prepare the skin, for example, to make a cooling mask. Otherwise, there is a high probability of getting redness, especially during the cold period of time.

What can be obtained as a result?

Already after a few procedures, you can notice how the elasticity and firmness of the skin increases, its color evens out, a clear oval appears, traces of acne disappear, bags under the eyes disappear, and the like.

Unlike lymphatic drainage massage, modeling has a wider impact and is carried out not only along the lymphatic outflows, but the entire face, to obtain a greater effect.


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